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Tube Dancers, Promotional Balloons, Trade Shows, Grand Openings, Special Events, Promotions, Advertising, Sporting Events.

 20 Ft Tube Dancers         714-459-4900

 20' Tall Fan Powered Tube Dancers  

Tubies are fan powered. They are fun, very active and really attract attention. They include everything needed.


  • 20 foot tall Tubie

  • High performance durable material

  • Available in 11 colors

  • Includes one Air Vortex dancing balloon fan

  • Operating instructions

  • Shipping weight 44 lbs.

Lead Time:
3-7 Working Days (does not include shipping time, or time for any possible art that is necessary)

Order Now Call 1-888-369-1374

Tubies Available in several colors


Please note that the colors displayed on your monitor only represent the actual colors. Custom colors are available for an additional charge and additional production time.

Order Information: Use the secure order form above to send us your order
  • All Tubie packages include Tubie, heavy duty inflation fan, and instruction manual.
  • Any charges for custom art will depend on what we are given for artwork and what we need to do to make it print ready. .
  • If you are providing the art, it can be mailed or emailed.
    Email art to: info@advertisingballoonsofamerica.com
  • For instructions on sending art click here: Sending Art
  • Use the secure order form above to send us your order.
  • When we receive your order an invoice will be made. It will be faxed, or emailed to you for your approval and signature.

Air Vortex Fan
Every Air Dancer comes with this high performance fan. It will work with all types of air dancers including skydancer, Wind Dancer and fly guy brand dancing inflatables. We have used this fan with 40 foot fabric tubes and 100 foot polynex tubes. The vortex design spins the air in a circular motion around the inside of the dancer holding the shape and creating the dancing motion better than any other type of fan. The very low noise and adjustable speed allows you to use this fan indoors for tradeshows or events.
Different Air Dancers can be easily swapped out making it possible to periodically change Air Dancers for different promotions and use the same fan over and over.


Heavy Duty Impact Resistant Housing
High Output With Low Noise
Fan Dimensions: 18" Dia. x 22" Tall
2/3 Horse Power Electric Motor
Adjustable Speed
110 & 120 Volt Models
Adjustable Stand
Weighs 44 lbs.